Planning team projects

  • Discuss plans as a team
    Work collaborate, with a team leader inviting questions from team members.
  • Create an outline
    A clear outline gives a written record of what the team or each individual, need to do
  • Use storyboards
    Storyboarding helps establish detailed plans for each part of the project. The following is a sample of an unfilled storyboard:


Project ____________________              Writer ____________________
Section ____________________         Subsection __________________

Main Point



          Major Subpoints







Anderson (2007:444)

  • Use a style guide
    For consistent style and format elements like margins, typefaces, abbreviation, headings, tables, graphics, etc. throughout the whole project. (See 'Style' under 'Writing Guide' for suggested style guide)
  • Establish rules for naming files
    For easy retrieval and reference of documents
  • The above suggestions are also suitable for individual projects.

Source: Anderson, P. V. 2007. Technical Communication: A Reader-Centered Approach. (6th ed.). Boston: Thomson Wadsworth