Online resources

1. Technical Writing

Online Technical Writing
Plain English Campaign
Gary Conroy's Technical Writing Website
Professional Writing
10 ways to Improve your Technical Writing
Technical writing models
Technical Writing Tips, Tricks & Templates
Technical writing style
Hints on writing style
The Writing Site: Technical Writing:
Professional, Technical Writing


2. Plain English

Plain English Campaign
Plain English at work
Plain English Association International
Editor Software
Word center: the plain English people
Red House Consultancy Services Ltd
Center for Plain Language
Web Authoring Tips
Writing and Editing using plain English


3. Software online tutorials

Microsoft Publisher Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop at You Tube

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Dreamweaver Tutorial

Dreamweaver at You Tube

Adobe Flash tutorial

Flash at You Tube

Adobe Fireworks tutorial

Fireworks at You Tube

Microsoft Publisher tutorial

Adobe Indesign tutorial

Microsoft Frontpage tutorial

Comprehensive tutorials


4. Resources for desktop publishing & web design

Web Design Library
Creative web designs
Google images
Free Animations
Animation Library


5. Published books

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